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Another day is behind me,
More lessons learned, I am pleased

For every little step in each and everyday,
Forms me in a new way

New ideas and opinions,
Gaining thoughtful wisdom

To be a better me,
And for others to see

I am not without anxiety,
Carrying the burden of those who depend on me

But I can manage the stress,
As a witness to this day impressed

By the power drawn to me,
From the flowers, sun and a little bee

The air I breathe,
The sunsets I see

Bring confidence and clam,
To ignore the face palm

For tomorrow is a new day,
To find happiness I pray.



Silhouette of Group of People Between Tree Line

Blue sky
Mountains high

Surround the Columbia river,
On its surface the sunlight glitters

The hills have been baked a golden brown,
Apple orchards grow out from town

Postcards in this craggy steepe,
Desirous fruit craving to eat

Gods blessing is all around,
A unique paradise I have found

To share the weekend with 19 friends,
On each other we depend

That our backs are covered, 
For they are like no other

Non judgemental or critical,
Genuine nothing artificial

Each one worthy of an embrace,
No fear to express our love to each face

Truthful confidence,
Shared between us.



As the sky melts to reveal a slivered moon,
My own reflection will begin soon

To critique my day,
In an objective way

As to whether my reveal,
Had a satisfactory appeal

To bring me comfort and contentment,
On my journey and regiment

That I am one step closer to my goal,
To achieve all that my heart holds

We are never really complete,
So we search every day to repeat

Our quest to find our happiness,
With God above as our witness

So may sleep bring you peace of mind,
To know that your search is going just fine.


Tonight’s Prayer


The day is done,

Marked by the setting sun

It’s fading light,

To get renewed overnight

And so will the power in me,

To focus on what I need

To establish my dreams,

Into the reality, I have seen

To relish the satisfaction,

And positiveness of my action

That Gods blessings are upon me,

And I humbly receive

So in my prayers tonight,

I hope my heart takes flight

To seek high in the heavens,

I have been forgiven

For eternal life is the best reward,

To know hope is restored

For every trial, I face on earth,

God sees my worth

In his grace, I will not fail,

For eternity I will prevail.





We all have suffered a loss,

As in a game with an errant toss

How many times have you misplaced your keys,

Or the family jewels hidden from thieves

The loss of a loved one hurts the most,

As does the loss of fairness between our coasts

The loss of hearing is certainly bad,

But the loss of sight is even sadder

For to have never seen beauty,

Can you imagine it really?

Can you imagine losing your smile,

Inconceivable even for a while

For your smile is the key to your heart,

As it signals happiness will start

Laughter will soon follow,

And fill what has been hallow

And missing inside,

So love can reside

Your spirits can be down,

But please don’t frown

Find a mirror and put on your smile,

It’s a complement to any style

Then show it off to the world out there,

And pass it on to someone else to wear.


Chapters of Life

Notebook With Blank Pages

Our lives are like a book,
Chapters document the trips we took

In each phase our lives,
Pen to paper does not lie

Some chapters are light and gay,
Others are tough as we made our way

Others we don't want to read again,
A few have humor built in

There are those we want no one to see,
Those past lives we can all agree

Should be hidden,
The memories forbidden

So not to disrupt our current chapter,
As we pursue what matters

Finally there are those chapters yet to write,
For life on earth remains finite

Save the best for last,
Drawing on the chapter's past

For it is your story to write,
And may it's ending be just right

But until then begin a new chapter, 
To find the happiness you are after.




Free stock photo of island, dramatic sky, calm waters

My sky is painted black today,

Please don’t let it rain I pray

I know the earth is parched,

But my shirt is newly starched

Silly of me to be so selfish,

When flowers and trees need to be nourished

But where is the joy of dancing in the rain,

By yourself? Can’t you feel my pain

Perhaps I am looking at a glass half full,

And should remember the “golden rule”

And appreciate the beauty of the rain,

And treat all others the same

Maybe then the clouds will part,

And happiness will flow into my heart

To see the silver lining of light,

As a sign of God and his mite

That there is something beyond,

In each befriended heart I come upon

To lift my spirit to see that glass,

As overflowing with love to last

And help me through each trying time,

And every mountain I must climb

To deal with the challenges in life,

Yes God you were right

To treat others as you want to be treated,

Recognizing imperfections can be defeated

For we all walk the same imperfect path,

Even if it’s nature’s thunderstorm of a bath

The beauty is, we are alive to love another day,

For this road in life is the only way

There is no detour or shortcut,

If, and’s or but’s

So take hope in hand and God by your side,

Gaining confidence with each and every stride.